Which African BIG & Small Cats Play With Laser Light Toys? | Cheetah Leopard Lion Caracal Serval

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I bought a low grade commercial laser light and wanted to see if captive Africa BIG and small lesser cats and some other animals could be enriched by it. I showed the light to each of them and recorded their responses.

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  • Paul TheSkeptic

    So, I’m not one to tell anyone what to do and I suppose I must point out that I am by no means any kind of expert on any kind of wildlife but I was at the zoo and the lady who works there brought out a large cat. I forget what species it was but it was much larger than your average housecat but not as big as say, a lion or tiger. I asked her “Do you ever pet it?” She explained to me that it wasn’t really appropriate to do that for some scientific reason which I wish I could remember. So take that with however much salt you wish but I felt that it was worth a mention. So, if you ever happen to read this, just ask your colleagues since I’m obviously not the expert. And hopefully next time, after you guys work this out, I can pet that damn awesome cat at the zoo.

    • Dolph C. Volker

      Interesting… I’d like to know why she thought petting the cat she was walking, would be a bad thing. I can tell you that a captive cat that is tamed and enjoys interaction LOVES to be petted and scratched. It is pleasurable, a bonding thing for safety reasons (cat will less likely attack you if it thinks you are a friend), it simulates a grooming and helps discover problems in their skin for medical reasons. Pet the cats, if they enjoy it… I say.

    • Paul TheSkeptic

      +Dolph C. Volker I wish I could tell you. At least then I would make sense. It was a long time ago.

      It occurs to me that maybe part of the reason is that she didn’t want to pet it in front of us because she didn’t want a group of strangers petting the animal. But I did ask her and she did tell me something. Lol.

  • Ruth Miller

    They are all so lovely, and I would love to have one but I know that they are better off in the wild. The closest we can get are they hybridized Bengal cat and the Savannah.

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