Viral video Malaysia kucing terlalu manja // Funny cats viral videos

Assalamualaikum kepada semua pencinta kucing & Haiwan. semoga Anda semua enjoy dgn video yg telah saya buat.

💓 Saya adalah creator yg membuat semua content Haiwan terutamanya adalah Kucing.

❤ support Channel Villagecats untuk saya dapat membantu kucing jalanan (TERBIAR,DITINGGALKAN) memberi makanan dan memberikan ubatan yg mereka perlukan.

❤ Terima kasih kerana telah menonton video saya.

Hello to all pawsome stay tuned for the next ep 🐾❤

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🙏 im sorry for my typos and my grammartical error 😖 because english is not my 1st languanges. so, i’ll doing my best to improving my translation 😂🐾❤

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About us :
About two cats of mine that i rescued and adopted ( Kuyat – the grumpy and Kacu – the bro), and i created this youtube for your entertaiment and my most reason is wanna Help the other stray cats in my village to get feeding and helping them. 🐾

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