Top 4 best breeds of cat and tips for first time owner #shorts

Top 4 best breeds of cat for first time owner

Cats are often the choice as pets. Not only his cute facial expressions and expressions, his adorable behavior can also relieve fatigue after a hard day’s work.

For someone who wants to try to maintain it, he needs to know what things to prepare. Here are a number of cat care tips that you need to know before deciding to own one:

1. prepare basic needs

The following are a number of basic needs that must be met:
– Wet or dry food. The type of food can be adjusted according to needs.
– Food or drink containers.
– Tub for toilet and shovel for dirt.
– Cat sand.
– Cat shampoo.
– Hairdryer.
– Cat nail clippers.
– Cat comb.
– Cat bag or basket.
– Cage.
– Cat toys.
– vitamins.
– snacks.
– a claw board for sharpening nails.

2. Introduce the Surroundings

Cats might get nervous and cautious when entering a new environment. Instead of being energetic and loveable, the cat will go to a dark, secure location. To avoid this, leave the cage open in the house when he arrives home and let him explore the entire house.

3. Tips How to Replace Cat Food

Replacing cat food can be done by combining the old and new brands and using a larger amount of the old brand. As the day progresses, progressively reduce your intake of old brand foods. Please remember to give him snacks and extra vitamins.

4. Assign a Specific Area

You can put houses, mattresses, or cat toys in the room’s corner. This is necessary to identify the area where he feels it safe to rest.

5. Cleanliness is important.

You must clean the litter tub on a daily basis and bathe it every 2-3 weeks.

6. Attract him to play on a regular basis.

You can play chase with the temptation of delivering snacks in addition to using the toys you have. At the very least, set aside 15-30 minutes each day to invite him to play. Playing with you will make him happy and better mentally.

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