Top 10 Strongest Big Cats

Top 10 Strongest Big Cats

This video is created by the kids and for the kids.

The line up from No.1 to No.10 is not according to the strength wise of the Big Cats, But just to showcase Top 10 strongest Big Cats.



  • Jeison Cardona

    Jaguar is stronger than leopard, snow leopard and cougar… black panther doesn’t exist (as a specie; black panthers are black leopards and jaguars, this is called melanism)… And tigers, white tigers and siberian tigers are the same specie. White tigers are a variant color, this is called leucism. Finaly siberian tiger is a subspecie of tiger like many others (bengal tiger, sumatran tiger, etc.)

    Sorry for my English, this is not my maternal languaje.

  • Tigers and Burgers

    Yes tigers for the win!They are the strongest,largest,and most intelligent Feline around (lion is a close second)

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