Tips on how to take good care of your cat

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Domestic cats are independent animals, but they require care to maintain their health and well-being. To help you raise your pet in the best possible way, we have prepared this article with everything about cats.
Continue with the video and discover the 9 most important tips for your cat’s health and well-being
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1 All about kittens
Anyone who will adopt the pet in the first months of life, needs to know everything about kittens. The care of kittens is a little different than the care of adults. Fragile, they need to feed every 4 hours to avoid hypoglycemic crises
Babies expend more energy and therefore need to replace calories more often. Never offer cow’s milk, human food or adult cat food. Always prefer puppy food or weaning food if the kitten is less than 2 months old

2 Consult a veterinarian to know everything about cats
Cats should visit the veterinarian at least once a year. In addition to evaluating the health of the animal, the professional can apply annual vaccines and keep your pet immunized against important diseases
The vaccine called V3, V4 or V5 protects your kitten against panleukopenia, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis and other serious illnesses. Anti-rabies prevents your pet from contracting rabies, a zoonosis that can lead to death. These two applications are essential for the care of cats that have access to the street or those that are only indoors. Vaccinating your cat is an important form of care and affection

3 Apply anti-parasites also to animals that stay only at home
Even animals that do not leave the house should be wormed periodically. Another medicine that cannot be forgotten is the anti-flea medicine, which keeps your pet free from itching and various diseases. Talk to your veterinarian to define the ideal frequency for their use

4 Can the cat drink milk?
Among the most important information that causes more doubts for those who want to know everything about cats, is the famous milk! Cats should be fed with dry food, sachets and cans of wet food. Never offer milk or other human foods to your kitten.
Cow’s milk, the most common, contains lactose, a molecule that is not digested by cats, causing pain, discomfort, vomiting and diarrhea. Cats should only drink milk when they are kittens and from their mother

5 Replace drinking fountains with fountains
If you want to know how to care for cats, you need to know the source. Hydration is essential to keep your cat always healthy. The best way to encourage water consumption is to use a trick to attract the kitten. The water fountain is an excellent alternative for cats that don’t like conventional pots
Once again, instincts come to the fore. Moving water attracts attention and stimulates the hydration of pets. This all helps to prevent kidney and urinary tract diseases.
Cat care goes beyond trips to the vet and the correct administration of medication. Gratification is the environmental enrichment that makes your pet’s routine healthier and more enjoyable. All this contributes to the health and physical and mental well-being of your cat

6 All about cats: hygiene and behavior
They say that cats are clean animals and it takes only a few days to live with one to confirm this. Among the main care for cats is the hygiene routine. Cleaning the litter box is also very important for the cat’s health, as it helps the animal to relieve itself in the right place, avoiding dirt around the house and constipation

7 Cats Can Be Trained Too
Cats can also be trained. They respond very well to positive training that associates correct actions with rewards. Did your cat use the scratching post? Affection and snacks. Did you relieve yourself in the litter box? affection and snacks
In addition, the use of pheromones helps to calm the animals. These products prevent urinary tagging, scratched furniture, fights, and other unwanted behavior

8 All About Cats: Always Install Screens On Windows
Cats that go out on the street are exposed to various diseases, abuse, risk of being run over and fights with other animals. The ideal is not to allow your kitten to go out on the street and for that, protective screens are essential

9 Have more than one cat
Did you like cat care tips? How about investing more in your pet’s well being and having another cat? Despite being independent, they love company. Having two or more kittens is ideal for those who spend a lot of time outside
If you are thinking about the idea, you need to prepare the house. The most important change is in the toilet. Always have one more litter box than the number of cats in the house. If you have two cats, have three litter boxes

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