The Cat Tier List

Pretty OP classes if you ask me.
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Credit to Paul Refvik for his cover of Newbie Melody, which can be found here:

Thanks especially to reddit user r/Dragon789010 for making me new stat sprites!


  • CheetahFoxx

    I’m 0:24 in, and even though they are one of my favorite animals I already knew cheetahs are low tier. No sharp claws, not very sharp teeth, not very heavy, strong, or large. The only thing they have is speed in very short amounts. They even have many other animals chase them off their own kills. I would fear a mountain lion far more than a cheetah. Now *leopards* are a high tier cat. Similar size but compact, very strong, agile, super sharp claws and teeth, stealthy, and is a very adept climber.

  • Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist

    I’m of the “tigers and lions both belong in S-tier, as well” camp. I think lions should be rewarded for the fact that they face so much competition, not penalized. On the flip side, jaguars aren’t uncontested in their server because they flat-out overpower all of their competition, but because there are hardly any players skilled or powerful enough to even compete with them directly. I’m not trying to undermine the jaguar’s incredible abilities whatsoever, but place it in the Africa server and it would undoubtedly have a harder time than it does in the South America server.

    Tigers, meanwhile, I think have a far better stealth rating than you give them credit for (their hide, like the jaguar, buffs their camouflage ability), and boast amazing raw power stats. They are as fearless as lions, too, as stream footage and screenshots have been captured of them going after the tanks of their servers, the gaur, like how lions go after buffalo.

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