President Tsai dishes tips for cat care and campaigning

President Tsai Ing-wen turned up at an animal rights event in Hsinchu on Tuesday, in support of the DPP legislative candidate who organized it. The atmosphere was light as President Tsai doted on furry friends at the scene and dispensed advice for managing cat relationships. MIKE: The president also fielded questions about Han Kuo-yu”s upcoming campaign tour. In her capacity as Taiwan”s top cat lover, the president attended an animal rights event hosted by Cheng Hung-hui, a DPP legislative candidate for Hsinchu. The cats were the apple of her eye, even when a minor scuffle broke out between them.President Tsai quickly picked up the kitten and settled it in her lap. She shared insights on how to get cats to get along.Tsai Ing-wenPresidentIf you pet one, you also have to pet the other one. If you don”t, they might fight each other.The president also had some advice for her presidential challenger Han. The Kaohsiung mayor has announced he will be taking time off to campaign. Tsai Ing-wenPresidentI would like to remind Mayor Han Kuo-yu that it was only last year that all these votes – all those high expectations – swept him into the mayor”s office. At this juncture, he must be mindful of all the hopes that rest upon his shoulders. That Han will be setting off from Pingtung, my home county, is not all that surprising. After all, it”s the southernmost part of Taiwan. I hope that he truly listens and truly hears the people, instead of decamping after his rallies and calling it a day.Tsai also replied to Han”s call for a presidential debate. She said it was best for the mayor to take time to prepare. She said that after they registered as presidential candidates in November, she”d be open to a debate held in accordance with national regulations.

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