Killer Instinct 5. Big Cats


    • CoolKid3110

      +Cody Carlson Did Rob die? I remember watching these ages ago then my gran said he died from being stung, theres nothing on the internet for it

    • Cody Carlson

      +Sgt. Youtuber He is alive. He actually has a youtube channel with some videos. If you look in the comments under them he (or possibly one of his staff members) answers questions that people ask him.The videos are relatively few and far between though. He also has a facebook page that has some more recent videos of him sitting on crocs, giving people tours etc. Would definitely be awesome to see him do another series though. 😀

  • Fraidoon Warasta

    Wild cats are not pets, the way these people treat these magnificent animals, is absolutely unnatural, thus WRONG.

  • arzhang emamifar

    i truly believe God made White man to destroy the world and everything in it without a shame or care.

    just one look at those old pictures of thousands buffalo heads piled up in the US in the Indian lands and hundreds of tigers coat in india.

    most of those killer white men were English Royal family , now they talk like they created the idea of preserving nature shamelessly.

    one should only be a fool to believe one cent of all these funds raised for Africa or Animals or … protection reach the supposed needy.

    there are always WHITES in Africa among Animals spending their lives ” to study them ” right?
    im not that dumb anymore .
    they are always in a Place for an OTHER reason than what they say .

    the Evil on this earth lives among the White Man and thrives within their societies .
    White men revived Satanism and today they pioneer the New age of Paganism in the World .

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