Itchy Scratchy Cheetahs | Big Cats Get Itch Relief Using Rusty Screw & Friend | Scratch Like A Dog


In this video I discover some ithchy cheetahs and assist in relieving their discomfort.

The more I observe animals, the more I realize we are all the same. Our skin is an extremely important organ. It protects our vital organs from infection, abrasion, and trauma. One way it does this is to signal to our brains that something is wrong. Even an itch is considered something to be concerned about. It could indicate parasites, fungus, a cut, healing abrasion needing the scab off, a false alarm, or a number of indicators.

If you have ever owned a pet, then you know ears are an important part to of the animal to monitor. When they itch, the reason could be a number of things to include wax build up. Many mammals respond to such irritation by scratching or shaking their heads. That is where I come along to help these captive cheetahs out 🙂

In the wild, the lack of medical care results in early deaths. Cheetahs live about 30% to 50% longer in captivity due to proper care and protection. Nutrition, shelter, and medical care benefit the most. Having a tamed animal to provide these things is an added bonus for them. But, sometimes I like giving just some basic enjoyable relief to these animals. It helps in making friends for sure and promotes bonding; particularly with cats who recognize grooming a social ritual.

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