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Do Cats Get Cold?

Unless they’re a very short-haired or hairless breed, cats typically have warm coats, and (hopefully) they stay inside. However, they can still get cold. For instance, they might get outside unexpectedly on a chilly day or find themselves stuck in a cold area of your house, like the basement, attic, or an uninsulated crawlspace.

They can also get cold if you turn the heat down too far or if it goes off unexpectedly while you’re out. Keep your cat’s comfort in mind when you turn down the heat as you’re leaving the house. If it’s especially cold out, you may want to leave it up a few degrees.

A Note on Outdoor Cats

Cats should be kept inside for their own health and safety. Cats who go outside are at a greater risk for catching diseases or parasites from other animals or getting hurt in an accident. These risks can be even higher in the winter when temperatures are colder, daylight hours are shorter, and visibility is lower due to bad weather. For instance, outdoor cats can be more likely to get frostbite, slip on an icy patch, get hit by a car, or lose their way home.

If you come across a stray cat or one decides to visit your home looking for food or warmth, you should contact your local shelter or animal control. They can help you determine the safest way to handle the situation. A stray cat may seem friendly at first, but they could be sick, injured, scared, or upset, which can lead to aggressive behaviors—exercise caution when dealing with any unfamiliar cat.

How to Keep Cats Warm in Winter

A loving cuddle on the couch together is one of the best ways to keep your cat—and yourself—warm in the winter. Here are some other tips to help your cat stay cozy:

Leave out a soft blanket, towel, or pet bed in a warm room so they can snuggle up on their own when they want to rest.
If you have an older cat with arthritis, consider buying them a pet bed designed to soothe aching joints, which may bother them more in the colder months.
Feed them a nutritious diet, which will help keep their coat thick and healthy
Make sure your heating system is reliable, especially if you need to leave your cat home alone for long stretches of time.
You can also warm up your cat by initiating an interactive game. Invite them to swat at a safe cat wand, hunt mice toys, or chase ping pong balls. Some cats love an obstacle course of cardboard boxes and paper bags, which you can set up easily. Just be sure to supervise them while they play and put the boxes and bags away when you’re done.

Do Cats Get Dry Skin in the Winter?

Your cat’s skin can get dry in the winter, just like ours. Dry skin may appear red, scaly, and flaky. If it’s especially itchy, your cat may bite or scratch at it, causing sores and scabbing. Check your cat’s skin regularly for any issues all year round but especially during the winter. If you notice any problems, visit your veterinarian for treatment advice.

You can also ask your veterinarian if omega-3 fatty acids would be useful to keep your cat’s skin and fur healthy. Be sure to follow your veterinarian’s dosage directions carefully, even if they’re different than what is listed on the product label. Some products can have high dosing recommendations, which can cause issues for your kitty.
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