How to take care of persain cat | Cat care in winter 2020 | Hyderabad Fusion

How to take care of persain cat | cat care in winter 2020| Hyderabad Fusion

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If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors, they are probably very capable of looking after themselves; however, itโ€™s always useful to look out for potential (although unlikely) dangers such as frostbite.

Cats do get frostbite when exposed to extreme temperatures. It usually first affects the tips of their ears, the tail and the feet (especially the toes). If your cat has been outside padding in the snow, make sure you wipe their feet carefully when they come inside to get rid of all the snow. Also make sure that there is no ice stuck to their fur.

When it comes to cats and the cold, monitor how long they are outside for. Different breeds can withstand different levels of cold and this should be accounted for. If the temperature is usually cold, consider keeping out cat inside.

Frostbite can appear grey or pale in colour. If you think your cat has frostbite or are unsure, take them immediately to the vet and follow their instructions.

Antifreeze poisoning

Cats understand some part of their world by tasting objects. Antifreeze poisoning is a problem especially in winter, where antifreeze may have dripped onto the ground when someone has added it to the engine of their car. If your cat encounters it, they are likely to lap it up (it tastes sweet to pets). Antifreeze is ethylene glycol and it is highly toxic to animals if ingested. Early signs of such poisoning include:

Nausea and vomiting

Twitching muscles

Unsteady walking

An increased level of urination and thirst

As part of your winter cat care routine, be careful of what your cat tries to taste when they are outdoors. Also make sure that your antifreeze in the house is out of reach and has not spilt anywhere.

If you suspect your cat of having antifreeze poisoning, take them to the vet immediately. They should be able to further advise what to do

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