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Today’s video shows how I blow dry cats after their baths. Your results may vary, so please check with your vet or groomer before attempting. All cats respond differently to the blow dry process, so work with your cat at their level. Always use caution with a hair dryer, do not allow your cat to be burned by the dryer. Continually move the dryer or the cat to prevent hot spots. Blow drying is effective on both long and short hair cats.

Why should you bathe and blow dry your cat? In a perfect world you shouldn’t have to, but sometimes it becomes necessary. Maybe your cat gets sick and needs medicated shampoo, or they soil themselves or dig something smelly out of the trash and need to be bathed. If possible, it’s a good idea to get your cat used to being bathed while they’re still young, so that in the future bathing won’t be stressful for you or for them. Long haired cats often need help grooming themselves. At minimum they need their fur brushed and combed frequently, and may need a sanitary groom and their paw pads shaved. Bathing them can be an effective way to help them stay clean and to free them of loose fur and undercoat as they shed, and to clean off anything they picked up in their coat.

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Items I used in my videos:

Miracle Nipple

Bottles (swap out nipple for Miracle Nipple)

Blue hand towels

Kitten formula

Electrolyte solution

Plastic bin (without the lid) as an incubator

Heat pad for under incubator

Plastic pin brush

Slicker brush

Metal comb

Pine pellet cat litter alternative

Always seek advice from a veterinarian if you find stray or abandoned cats, or to get help with any of the topics I cover on my channel. I am not responsible for any outcome you may have with your cats or cats you find. Seek out trap-neuter-release programs in your area to have feral cats sterilized. Paws on my Heart is not responsible for anything contained in this video, or any of the content on my channel. I make these videos independently.

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