How To Approach A Cat? Do You Know Your Cat? Cat Tricks Revealed. Cat Facts Uncensored.

SL 19 Cats have a preferred way of being held. Find how you cat likes to be held, and become friends. If a cat blinks slowly to you, it could indicate trust If you cat does – you have earned it. Cats look at us as equal partners and not in a hierarchical way. That is why we cannot command
housecats like dogs.
When you and cat get acquainted
give your finger to sniff
This is how cats get to know you
for the first time – by scent
If after that cat rubs up against you,
it is permission to pet
Remember – cats sniffing first,
then petting))
If cat keeps ears flat and back,
then it is nervous
Talk to such cat before petting it,
unless it is your cat
Cat hitting ground with its tail
means cat is irritated
Be careful petting such cat
You may show cat your open
hands before petting
That may show cat that you have
nothing bad to hide
Then cat may sniff palms of your hands
And then you may be allowed to pet cat))
Dilated pupils means that the cat
is excited or scared
Or, cat may be just relaxed sitting
in a darker room
Whiskers pulled back means the cat is
is defensive, scared or angry
Whiskers facing forward mean
curiosity and exploration
Whiskers facing forward also
means cat is interested
And may be happy to befriend you
If you have fear or anger cat
may scratch you
Because cats can feel and absorb
our emotions
Sudden movement may scare the cat
Because cats have evolutionary
alert system
Most cats enjoy cheek and chin rubs
more than head rubs
Cats may allow gentle rubs behind ears
Cats like smartphones or iPad, etc.
Cats like to sit on top of them))
But cats also like to watch other cats,
on TV, phone or Pad.
There are whole movies and shows
just for cats
Cats also purr to heal or repair
their bones
Or to improve cat’s bones density
Because cat’s purring at 150Hz
improves bones In cats and in humans

So, how to learn about cats and learn about cats behavior? What are good things to learn about cats and things to know about cats as pets? Lets decipher many house cat facts in this cat tips and facts video series.

We will learn about cat behavior meaning and different cat behaviors and what they mean and what cat behaviors really mean. After you learn how to understand cat behavior you will essentially know how to understand cat. And you will receive answer to the question – why do cats behave strangely. So, lets explore cats and keep learning cats by learning cats behaviour.

This is a series of cat fact videos including some cat facts you didn’t know. And there are things about cats you didn’t know but those are things about cats you should know, especially, if you have a cat or plan to get a pet cat or have cat as a pet in your home or house or apartment.

So, watch these videos with things you need to know about cats and learn some cool things about cats. Among best things about cats is that you can enjoy practically every moment of interaction with your pet cat.

Therefore, these are educational videos about cats with cool facts about cats things you wanna know.

This cat video series include pet cat care tips and pet care tips for cats. Hopefully, learning cat facts and facts about pet cats will help you to learn how to keep a pet cat or how to keep a cat generally.

There are good reasons why are cats pets. Many reasons for the fact why cats are the best pets are explored in these cat videos.

Learn how take care of cats and how to care for a pet cat. Find out cat tips for beginners as well as cat tips and hacks in this cat hacks video. #cats #cat #catlover

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