Giving Hot Cheetahs Water By Hand | Cooling Down Big Cats In Drought Stricken South Africa

During the summer of 2015, South Africa experienced its worst drought conditions in decades. All animals to include man suffered from it. In 100 degree Fahrenheit or 40 Celsius temperatures, I made sure a couple of my cheetah friends were taken care of; especially.

When temperatures are this hot, all the animals shut down and rest. They don’t normally move until closer to sundown and then just before sunup. I know they don’t get water during the blazing heat of the day. Cheetahs are adapted to drink water every 3 to 4 days but I like making sure they have what they want daily.

Water bowls are checked daily and Eden and Faith had spilled theirs so I refilled it. Instead of waiting for them to come to the water, I brought it to them and cooled them off. To help our bonding and relationship, I “hand fed” them their water and then let them drink from their bowl. I think they appreciated it. Afterward, I spread water over their backs, sides and head to help cool them off.

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  • Paiman Namazi

    I am so shocked like these so-called professionals are so ignorant. Who wants to drink out of a bowl full of hot water?

    Whenever any animal overheats, you’re supposed to give it cool water so it will cool down the core of the body. This in turn cools the rest of the body. I mean come on really? This isn’t rocket science!

  • Moojy29

    it doesn’t stop there, we can all help our local wildlife in hot/freezing weather’ I live by a dried up creek and place water out all the time, I see wombats, echidna’s foxes all sorts of birds etc, it’s great seeing people care about animals.

  • hnan basbus

    الفيديو والتعليقات كلاهما رائع والناس اللذين يتابعونك رائعون ولديهم افكار حلوة

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