Give LIQUID meds to cat (without wrapping them) – PLUS my tips on caring for a sick kitty!

To skip the full explanation – DEMO @ 19:06
Tips, tricks, & DEMO – How to give LIQUID MEDICATION (and pills) to cats by yourself WITHOUT wrapping them up. I personally find the process of wrapping my cat to be veryyy difficult & much more stressful than I would like. In this video, I explain my favorite method that I use to give liquid & pill medication. I also included some helpful tips to make caring for your sick kitty much less stressful for you and for the kitty.

Time stamps:
0:25 My experience in animal care
1:24 My cat’s health problems the past year
3:19 #1 – Set up a safe room
5:15 #2 – Block hiding spots & make a kitty cave/haven
6:48 #3 – Calm yourself & mentally prepare
7:46 Prepare syringe with a peace offering dish 😊
8:52 My peace offering dish
9:15 Getting into position for medication
10:38 Administering medication
12:32 FOAMING effect explained
15:42 Giving PILL medications
18:00 My experience with a compounding pharmacy
19:06 DEMO – Giving LIQUID meds to my kitty

What I use:
Wet food warmed up (10 seconds)…add water & mix thoroughly.
Then sprinkle with “Instinct raw” toppers (digestion version with pumpkin) …and then add a few pellets of “Blue Buffalo wilderness indoor” dry food on top.
* Be sure to thoroughly clean syringe after every use by drawing up water in an out of syringe.

Thanks so much for watching! 😊

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