Furries Recreate Weird Couple Poses (w/ Fjord Frost)

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Outro Animation By: Foster Purrnin
FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fosterpurrnin/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Foster_Purrnin

Special Thanks To:
Hyp Wolf, Timo Werner, Wolpy, Takoda Hotah, Felniir_Icewolf, Luke Ferrell, Brook the Meow, Scorch Sergal, multiroit, Mojave Koyote, Jyra Foxx, shadow fox, Orca Canteloupe, Raave, Cody Gehlert, Christopher Kyle Prichard, Caleb Crawford, Neptin Shumabe, Asriel the god, Bentley the fox doggo, Tunga_The_Wolf, Air Wolf, Chris Capps, Sparky Butterfloof, Jovial Eric, Saber Slate, Lily Schloss, marcus medina, Lucas Oliva, Mark Smith, Gonzalo Conde, Patrick leaming, jay swain, Michael Turng, OllieOracle, Howie, Joshuastrive, Holyfurry, BatterCake Folfsky, Cody Wolf, Lachlan John Hodson, BaltoHusky, Riley Merrill, Devin Drake, Bon Bear

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