Essential Tips and Tricks about Cat Bathing

Bathing a cat should be once in month. Because most of the cats lick themselves clean with their tongues regularly and that is why some people think that cats should never be bathed but this concept among people is very wrong just because cats needs showers just so that the dirt and all mud on them should be cleaned.

It is essential to put a rubber shower mat on the bottom of the sink so that a cat will not slip and slide, when you put water as many cats do. Fill about two to three inches of body temperature water into the sink, just enough to dip its half body inn. Check the temperature of the water as a person do to check a baby bottle’s milk. Some times the bathing tips of a cat look like a baby bathing. Moreover, Place a capful of the cat shampoo in a mug of warm water and dissolve well. Apply this solution with the soft hand on its body after that, pick up your cat from a tub with cat shampoo and lower it tenderly but quickly into the water. Do these all actions, while giving your cat proper attention. It is better to talk to her to make her calm and less hesitant. Cat bathing is a very sensitive moment especially for a kitty.

After the washing actions, apply little amount of conditioner on its body but it is really important to put mild pet oil on a kitten’s body rather than a conditioner. Flea killer is also favorable but do this after an advice from a pet expert. Dry the cat from a dryer or from a towel but it is essential to check that cat do not get out if it is cold. It may catch a bad cold and get sick. Give your cat a warm dose of milk or her favorite cereal for an appreciation, while taking the bath with calmness. This token of appreciation also trains her to do the following things in a good manner.

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