Clicker Training a Cheetah | How Intelligent Are Cats? | Interview With Enrichment Big Cat Trainer

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Special Thanks To Michael For Sharing His Knowledge.

Sorry for the HORRIBLE audio, it was an impromptu interview and all I had was my GoPro that does not capture audio very well. I spoke with Michael who has many years experience with training and handling Big Cats to include Cheetahs. He shares his knowledge about clicker training Sahara, the Cheetah. This is training ONLY for better handling, care, and transporting of cheetahs, not for entertainment but the cheetahs LOVE it. It is mental enrichment for them.

Clicker training is a great way to safely examine a wild animal. It provides the opportunity to safely administer medical aid, vaccinations, help in transporting them, and even draw blood. Clicker training also provides mental enrichment to the animal in the form of conscious thought and a break in its normal day. A cure for boredom.

Sahara is a 2.5 year old cheetah and part of the breeding program at Cheetah Experience. She was brought in from another project in South Africa for her genetic diversity. She is also the best ‘lure’ runner (where the cheetahs chase a fabric rabbit on a fast track). I hope to have an example of her run one day.

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  • TheTooginator

    Intelligence is generally measured by an animal’s (including humans of course) ability to solve problems. Doing a trick isn’t solving a problem, as far as cats are concerned. Cats enjoy food, positive attention, play, and hunting – and they are very successful in all of these areas. Dogs are excellent at communication because, as pack hunters, their survival depends on it. Cats communicate pretty well considering they are mostly solitary hunters. My cat understands my signals EXTREMELY well – probably because I am very nice to him and give him a lot of affection and attention that makes him happy (and I give him nice food of course). My cat is affectionate towards me too, whether he is hungry or not.

    To me, the fact that cats enjoy human company and interacting with humans indicates a high IQ, because it’s clearly not instinctual. Our ancestors were brunch for our cats’ ancestors, but cats have overruled their instincts in order to enjoy their lives more, which is pretty much the definition of intelligence.

  • Cheetah Dolcini

    Cats are very intelligent. Far more intelligent than most people give them credit for. And while most cats are not inclined to cooperate with being trained, they won’t hesitate in training their human.

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