CAT VIDEOS – Funny Cute Kittens and Cats playing Videos Compilation #63

I make a cute Cat, Kittens Video every day.

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Cats are the furry felines we all know and love… even if they’re a little aloof. The term can refer to house cats — smaller, domesticated mammals — or wild cats, which include animals like lions, tigers, leopards, ocelots, and lynx. Cats are also some of the original stars of the internet, from Star Wars Cats to Keyboard Cat to thousands of cat-centric memes. In fact, the phrase “cat videos” has become a sort of shorthand for “fun stuff to watch on the internet.” Famous internet cats include Lil Bub, Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Snoopy the Cat, Maru, and Henri the Existential Cat. There are over 70 cat breeds recognized by breed registries around the world.

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