Cat Breed Facts You Will Like. How Many Cat Breeds Are Out There? What Are Oldest Cat Breeds?

SL 22. There are many different cat breeds. Some breeds are recognized, others are not. The mass selective cat breeding began only about 50-60 years ago. So, most cat breeds are similar to each other. Before that, only limited breeding was made. Around times of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.
After that, nobody cared
about breeding cats until recently
So, how many cat breeds are out there?
The International Cat Association,
is the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats
So, ICA recognizes 71 different cat breeds.
Cat Fanciers’ Association recognizes
42 different breeds of cats
So, in USA only 42 cat breeds are recognized
Compare that to over 190 dog breeds
recognized in the US
Tabby is actually a cat’s
coat pattern, not a breed
Some oldest cat breeds are Siamese, Burmese
But the oldest might be Egyptian Mau
– over 4000 years old cat breed
Turkish Angora, The Abyssinian could be old
Those are also pretty old breeds,
along with the Persian cat breed
See, in medieval Europe cats were often hated
Cats were brutally killed or tortured, for fun too
Possibly, because cats are too freedom loving
And that went against medieval religious mentality
That period delayed cat domestication
and cat breeding
Luckily, these days we care more about cats
So, we will see more cat breeds
in the coming decades
USA alone has 80 million cat owners
But around Middle East cats were treated fairly
So, there you may meet more cat breeds
Among cat breeds, Bengal, Siamese,
and marble Tabby
These breeds are reported to express
most feral behavior to humans
But most breeds adjust to humans
pretty well
As long as you take care of them,
of course))
Cat’s bad behavior usually does not
depend on specific breed
But rather depends on the lack
of cats health or owner’s care
Cats are pretty good at fair relationship
They understand equality in the household
Cats understand equality as that
they (cats) are the most important))
Regardless of the cat breed

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