Care for Cats Fluid in Abdomen in Cats Cat Tips Cat FIP & GS 441524 & gs441524 & gs441

We are GS-441524 professional supplier, this is our website :

It has different price, you can check the details on our website.

And our GS has enough concentration and the same quality control.

Our GS is 15mg/ml, according to a cat 4mg/kg, which is equivalent to 0.26ml per kilogram.

In order to dissolve GS, HCl is added during the dissolution process, and the Acidity level. pH is : 1.8.

If you need, please tell me how many vials do you want, after we receive your payment, we will ship the items in 24 hours.

Normally, it will take about 3-5 days to be delivered

Wait for your response.

Have a good day.

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