Best Friend Forever/ Pet TV series/ Episode #4/ cats/Persian Cat Grooming / Saquib Pathan

@PetSeries #BESTFRIENDFOREVER is #LIVE Phone in Show Every Sunday 7 pm on DD National and Repeat 2 Pm on DD National.

The programme guides the #pet lovers about: How to take care of your pet, Food and Nutrition about the pets and the vaccination and other related issues concerning pets.

Topic of the Episode: Into the Cats World
In this episode, our Experts are @VivekArora veterinary Surgeon and
@SaquibPathan President & Founder Feline Club of India.
The Show also showcased #mythBuster about cats (Milk is not good for cats) and grooming tips #Persiancats.
#Pets #PetCare #catgrooming #veterinary #Felinefriends #TheFelineClubofIndia #saquibpathan #drvivekarora #ScoopyScrub
Producer @ShrabaniDasgupta
Assistance in Production: Umesh Barakoti
Anchors of show: @SmitiRastogi and @SanjeevKumar @jeev
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