Behind the scenes – saving big cats

Come with us on our cross-country journey to save 4 big cats in need of a home. It’s never easy, it’s always stressful, it’s unpredictable! Please give so we can rescue more at:


  • Linda T

    thank you for your kindness, they be housed in areas they can still smell each other? i ask wondering if they might experience depression at first which could effect their eating

  • vyachek Bearov

    . . . you just do not destroy these magnificent animals – to love and to help them to live in nature, and their killers punished mercilessly. . .

  • Laurel Girard

    Thank God they are in a legitimate sanctuary. All Big Cat owners that pet their cats think they have a special bond. They don’t.These are wild animals and should be respected as such. They are not pets, props or playthings for our amusement. At least Tammy will take great care of them.

  • Jaime Mannering

    My question is, why did it say “temporary resident” on 3 of his cats, and then permanent resident on the white tiger? So has the rare tiger been kept, and the other 3 are ONCE AGAIN getting shipped somewhere? Where did the other 3 get sent?

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