Australian’s Alien Big Cats

They are called Alien Big Cats. They are big cats that roam the outback of Australia. Where they come from and how they got there no one knows.

What we do know is that they are no longer just confined to the Outback, they are now prowling the bush land around some of Australia’s major cities and they are attacking people.

It’s fear that it wont be long before some is killed.


  • tracie marsh

    what gets me is these people that dont believe or havent seen for themselves are quick to ignore people or call them liars BUT what if THEY had seen 1 and wasnt believed how would they feel?

  • Pixie Bubbles

    Maybe it’s an exotic pet that escaped. Lots of exotic pets are either released or escape, so it’s possible. If not a pet, maybe from a zoo.

  • Edwin Lawton

    Is there video footage?? Yes. In focus clear video footage??. NO!
    Photographs of the cats?? Yes. In focus clear Photographs?? NO! Big domestic cats gone feral??? Yes. Photographs clear and In focus of feral black cats??? Yes! Video footage clear and in focus of feral black cats YES!

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