Australian Alien Big Cats

They roam the bush terrifying locals. Officially they don’t exist, but the officials have seen them! Australia’s alien big cats. Panthers and pumas roaming the Australian bush.

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  • Alisa Lauzon

    Well 2 sources,from how they could have got there and sitings!! Yeppers !! Oh also we know for certain they Exsist in real life.

  • dogcop Weg

    Very simple. If they are pumas/mountain lions, just bring in cat dogs from the western USA. There are many that hunt big cats here with dogs/hounds. But they might want to look to Africa for hunters and dogs. To date there has never been a confirmed case of a melanistic (black) mountain lion.

  • Basil

    We have them in the UK. A lady who lives about 5 miles from Worcester uk was out in her car looking for her lost dog, she had her two children with her. They all saw a big cat walk past their car but no one believed her or the kids. We also get livestock killed by some type of large predator. The official line is still that they don’t exist.

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