5 Tips for your New Foster Cat

Americans are turning out in amazing numbers to step up and foster during this time of crisis for shelter animals. THANK YOU! So, you brought a cat into your home…now what? Never fear – this can be easy, fun, and don’t forget… we are here to instill mojo in our fosters so that when they get to their forever homes, they are confident and ready to take on the new challenges of a new life!

Here are the steps for foster mojo below. But watch the whole video! I bet there’s something in there even for you veteran foster parents.

1:42 Isolate/Basecamp
3:28 Introduction to You
5:00 Positive Associations
6:07 Playtime!
(Also check this out to learn how to clicker train your cats! https://www.jacksongalaxy.com/clicker-train-your-cats/)
6:32 Basecamp Explosion

Let’s not forget – even though we are doing great right now, it’s no time to take our collective feet off of the gas pedal. Reach out to your local shelters and rescues and keep it up!

Check out http://www.stayhomeandfoster.org to be matched up with an organization in your area that needs help.

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“Light, Love & Mojo”

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