5 Simple Steps to Grooming Your Cat | Cat Grooming Tips and Tricks That You Must Know

The Complete Guide to Cat Grooming Tips and Tricks That You Must Know. Easy tips for keeping your cat clean, happy, and healthy.

While cats are known as “‘self-groomers”, regular brushing
helps minimize furballs, keeps the fur clean of dirt and
debris, stimules blood circulation, and keeps longer haired
cats free from knots and mats. Brushes, combs, and
grooming gloves are great options!

Clipping or filing your cat’s nails will not only save your
furniture, but will keep them from snagging and hurting your
cat. Scratching is a natural part of a cat’s own grooming
instincts, so be sure to provide options like scratching posts.
Be aware of the quick when you clip- clipping the quick is
paintul and will cause bleeding. Skip declawing!

Cats do a great job of keeping themselves clean, but saliva
only goes so far! if your cat gets extremely dirty or sticky,
they may need a little help. Brush fur and trim nails first, and
use cat-specific shampoo. Human or dog shampoos can
cause irritation or contain toxins. Take core to not get
shampoo in their eyes or water in their ears, and don’t force
it if your cat is overly stressed.

introducing kittens to grooming from a young age can help
reduce the stress of nail trims, brushings, and baths as they
get older Treat and praise after every grooming session to
help make it a more positive experience!

Professional groomers are a great option for oat parents. In
addition to baths, nail trims, and brush-outs, cat groomers can
also provide haircuts for longer-haired cats. Ensure your
groomer is trained in proper cat handling and grooming
techniques, and has the right tools and products for your pet.

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